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How to Buy the Best Trampoline

Having your own trampoline is exciting and endlessly fun. Indoor, outdoor, small, large, any kind at all will give you and your family plenty of recreation, not to mention help you live an active, healthy lifestyle.

We have a great number of quality trampolines for sale from the nation's best trampoline manufacturers. The aim of this trampoline buyer's guide is to help you focus on what you want most out of your new trampoline so you can make the perfect decision. And remember, we're always standing by to provide friendly support. Call, email or chat with us anytime - we'd love to help!

Trampoline Prices and Key Specifications

Here is a table (best viewed on a large screen) outlining the most important specification of each trampoline in our store, sorted lowest to highest by price.

The warranty is for the frame, which is the part that's most important in terms of structure, durability, and replacements. Each product page has much more detail on other components, for example, the jumping surface or spring cover.

The trampoline size is given in 2 measures for square, rectangular and oval trampolines, or as the diameter for round trampolines. There are also ranges for trampolines available in multiple sizes. 

Also, keep in mind that the price in the far right column is always for the smallest size available for a particular trampoline. On the product pages, you can choose larger sizes for a bit higher prices.

Enclosures can either be included with the trampoline as a combination package, not included or simply not applicable, which is usually the case for rebounders and mini trampolines.

Each trampoline's weight capacity is also listed.

Note: this table is best viewed on a desktop screen.

Upper Bounce Mini 2 FoldRebounder25.59 inN/A6 Months220 lbs59.65
Skybound 3ft MiniMini/Kids'3 ftN/A10 Years68.99
Sunny RebounderRebounder40 inN/A90 Days250 lbs78.88
Jumpsport IbounceMini/Kids'3 ftN/A1 Year100 lbs79.99
Upper Bounce Mini FoldingRebounder28.34 inN/A6 Months220 lbs79.99
Bazoongi 55" TrampolineMini/Kids'55 inYes1 Year115 lbs115
Upper Bounce 55"Mini/Kids'55 inYes6 Months120 lbs119.99
Jumpking Mini OvalMini/Kids'N/A1 Year110 lbs105
Upper Bounce HexagonRebounder50 inN/A6 Months220 lbs162.51
Skybound Super TrampolineKids'7 ftYes10 Years105 lbs199.99
Bazoongi 7.5' TrampolineRound7.5 ftYes1 Year175 lbs230
Skybound AtmosRound8 ftYes10 Years175 lbs249.99
Jumpking 10 ftRound10 ftYes1 Year200 lbs270
Bazoongi 12 ftRound12 ftYes1 year200 lbs289.99
Upper Bounce UBSF01Round7.5-10 ftYes1 Year250 lbs285
Upper Bounce UBT01Round12-14 ftNo1 Year330 lbs299
Jumpking OrbounderRound14-15 ftYes1 Year200 lbs356.49
Skytric by Upper BounceRound8 ftYes1 Year330 lbs474.90
Skybound CirrusRound14 ftYes10 Years220 lbs499.99
Jumpsport Basic Bounce XPSRound12-14 ftYes529
Jumpking Big RoundRound14-15 ftYes1 Year200 lbs459.99
Jumpking 8 x 12 OvalOval8 x 12 ftYes1 Year200 lbs599.99
Skybound StratosRound12-15Yes10 Years330 lbs649.99
Jumpsport Soft BounceRound14 ftYes1 Year200 lbs679
Jumpsport Oval 9 x 14Rectangular9 x 14 ftYes1 Year200 lbs689.99
Jumsport Staged BounceRound12-14 ftYes1 Year245 lbs789
Magic Circle 13' 6"Round13.5 ftNo10 Years849
Upper Bounce 8x14Rectangular8 x 14 ftYes1 Year500 lbs879.99
Jumpsport Power BounceRectangular12-18 ftYes1 Year295 lbs968.97
Upper Bounce 9 x 15Rectangular9 x 15 ftYes1 Year500 lbs963.89
Magic Circle 16' OctagonOctagon16' No10 Years450 lbs969
Magic Circle 12' HexagonHexagon12'Yes10 Years450 lbs1179
Magic Circle 12' RoundRound12'Yes10 Years350 lbs1199
Texas Trampolines Kid's DelightRectangular8 x 13 ftNoLifetime400 lbs1249.99
Upper Bounce 10 x 17Rectangular10 x 17 ftYes1 Year
Texas Trampoline StandardRectangular9 x 15 ftNoLifetime400 lbs1419.99
Magic Circle RectagonRectangular9 x 14 ftYes10 Years450 lbs1489
Texas Trampolines CompetitorRectangular9 x 17 ftNoLifetime400 lbs1635
Texas Trampoline Star BlueRectangular10 x 17 ftNoLifetime400 lbs1899.97
Texas Trampoline 13 x 13Square13 x 13 ftNoLifetime400 lbs1899.99
Jumpsport 10 x 17Rectangular10 x 17 ftYes1 Year225 lbs1999
Texas Trampoline Giant BlueSquare15 x 15 ftNo1 Year400 lbs2049.99

Here are some things to consider as you peruse the trampolines.

What size or style of trampoline?

Most broadly speaking, there are indoor and outdoor trampolines. By indoor trampolines, people commonly are referring to either fitness trampolines and children's trampolines.

Fitness trampolines, also known as rebounders, have caught fire in the last few years as one of the best ways to stay active right in your living room. You might think of them as a semi-passive way of keeping yourself moving. Rebounder trampolines are sometimes chosen over traditional workout equipment for their affordable price tags, space-efficiency, low impact and for the balanced exercise they provide. Some rebounder trampolines can even be folded in 2 or 3 parts and placed in a travel bag, so you can continue your rebounding routine on the go.

Mini trampolines, or kids' trampolines, are also commonly used indoors. Rather than focusing on high performance and weight capacity, these trampolines, of course, focus on safety. They're low to the ground and come with comfortable enclosures.

Older children and up love outdoor trampolines. In this category, there is the most variation.

There is any shape you could want: rectangular, square, round or oval. Frame diameters commonly range from 8-15', but you can find any size you want.

How many users at a time?

The larger the trampoline, of course, the more users there are who can safely bounce at the same time. You're also more free to do flips, cannonballs, and other fun moves while still getting plenty of bounce from the center of the mat.

You might also want to think about any games you will play on your new trampoline. Basketball, for example, is ideal on a large, rectangular trampoline, where multiple players can really move.

Is a trampoline enclosure included with the trampoline?

Most trampolines for kids and outdoor trampolines at least have the option of adding the enclosure. The advantage here, of course, is that bouncers don't have to worry about falling off the side or getting their ankles caught between the springs.

Enclosures are also helpful for keeping debris from the yard or trees along with (heaven forbid) animals off the jumping mat! They're also very comfortable and can turn your trampoline into a very fun improvised tent where you can relax at night.

You can easily compare our selection of trampolines to see which come with an enclosure and which ones have an enclosure as a separate accessory.

What Accessories are Available?

There are as many kinds of excellent trampoline accessories as there are trampolines! As with the enclosures, other accessories may or may or not be included with the particular trampoline you're considering, but they're nonetheless very affordable.

Most commonly, for taller trampolines, users like to have a small ladder to attach on the frame. Children or anyone who wants a little added convenience could use a trampoline ladder. Another nicety is a small pouch to hold your shoes during your bouncing session.

Other accessories include the color or print of jumping pad or mat, games such as balls or basketball hoops, big top tents, etc. You can see our trampoline accessories category here.

How Durable is the Trampoline?

Trampolines are made to reliably perform for a long time, and the good news is that the manufacturers are stepping up their game all the time to make the most high-performing, best trampolines that you can enjoy for years to come.

As an authorized retailer of every line of trampoline you see at this store, we're happy to offer only the latest and newest trampolines for sale, with manufacturer's warranties included. Rest assured, you're only getting the most top-notch trampoline design and workmanship here.

On every product page, you can view concise warranty information. First, compare the length of each warranty. A good rule of thumb is that, the longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is in the durability of the trampoline.

Next, trampoline warranties are usually broken down into specific parts, primarily the frame, jumping mat, and bungees or springs. Mats and springs/bungees will be undergoing the most wear and tear, so consider how much total use there will be for your new trampoline.

Fortunately, outdoor trampolines fair well outside, with little need for additional protective covering. Weather is regardless still something to consider. Depending on where your backyard is, you'll want to have a trampoline prepared for the temperature and the elements. UV exposure, for example, can gradually wear out the fibers of the jumping surface or enclosure.